9 Tips for attending a Bridal Show

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Here are some TIPS when attending a bridal show.

An wedding email address will help you keep all of your wedding planning information together in one account.

2.    PRE-REGISTER or RSVP FOR A SHOW  (link can be found here:    http://www.americanbride.com)
By pre-registering, you save time getting into the show.  Just like a wedding, bridal shows need to know an approximate count of attendees to plan for the amount of, door prizes, swag bags, magazines, and samples.


A Wedding Trade Show Expo goes by many names including “Bridal Show”, “Bride Expo”, “Bridal Faire”, and “Wedding Show.”  Most of these names contain the word “bride” and none say “Groom.”  Some grooms may feel that it is not an event for them, but indeed it is.  The groom can help the bride make decisions about wedding services such as invitations and flowers as well as check out “manly” wedding services such as tuxedos, djs, honeymoon destinations and photography.

Most exhibiting companies have enter to win contests or show specials at their booths.  By having pre-printed labels with your name, wedding date and contact info you can enter quickly.  Printed labels also help you to provide your information to companies that you are interested in.

Bridal shows can be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out.  You want to remember who you spoke with and whose services impressed you even if you are not ready to book right away.  Most exhibitors are happy for you to take photos of their service, but it is always nice to ask. Remember, if your notes or photos aren’t clear, you can always follow up with the bridal show company to ask about their exhibitors.  The more information you have, the easier it is to put you in contact with that company

6.    BE IN IT TO WIN IT !
At bridal shows a “few will enter, many will win!” prizes – be in it to win it.

Some may or may not have a budget in mind.  Be prepared, however, to see ideas, services and wedding day inspirations that you had not thought of (the wedding industry is an ever-creative bunch always coming up with something exciting and new).  Take the time to check out these services to see if they would be something to incorporate in your special day.

Wedding professionals at bridal shows are actively out there exhibiting their service and style to personally meet brides and ultimately book weddings.  They are confident in their customer service and product so rather than just relying on a website or stylized photos, they are there to speak with brides in person. They want to help you achieve your dream wedding by providing a quality service.  Because of this, their calendars book up quickly, so if you speak with someone that you are interested in, be sure to follow up with them after the show to schedule an appointment for more information or to secure your date.

9.    HAVE FUN!
Have fun with wedding planning.  Extend the joy and excitement of your wedding day by enjoying the wedding planning process.  Be queen for the day as a V.I.B. – Very Important Bride.  attending a bridal show where every exhibitor is interested in knowing about your day including wedding colors, wedding date, engagement and wedding party.  Take the time to talk about your plans and enjoy and savor your upcoming day.

information provided by –  http://www.premierbridalshows.com/bridal-show-tips-for-brides.html

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