All Inclusive Wedding Packages NJ

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All Inclusive Wedding Packages NJ

What sets us apart from other NJ all inclusive wedding company.

We specialize in providing our clients with a stress free wedding experience by providing all inclusive wedding packages NJ.  We take the time to discuss your specific needs, expectations and budget requirements.  We work closely with you to choose the best level of services to suit your individual needs.

Not only will we discuss your specific needs, expectations and budget requirements but we will work with you to choose the best Level of Service to suit your individual needs.  We take the time to learn about your style and hear all about your wedding plans.  We discuss design ideas and go over all the details of your vision and help male imagination to a reality.

Ultimate Party Central is truly a family owned an operated wedding service provider that specialize in modern trending innovative weddings.  Tara K. the director of photography and wife of Nikki K the director of entertainment and founder of Ultimate Party Central has place herself in the forefront of reinventing the art of photography, by providing distinctive photography techniques to capture the mood, emotions and special moments that bring about long-lasting memories.

Planning and preparation are the keys to a pleasant wedding experience.  We provide all our clients a unique online planning tool that is totally customized by us and customizable by you.  This online portal is giving to our client for two main reasons:  First to allow our clients to work on planning their wedding at their own leisure with guidance and assurance.  Second to make sure that your perfect day is YOUR perfect day.  Nothing will be left to chance.

Ultimate Party Central provides the attention you deserve and the wedding you always dreamed of.  We invite you to schedule a meeting with us by filling out our consultation form and find out how we may be the right fit all-inclusive company provider for you.

We encourage all north jersey, central jersey and south jersey brides and grooms to take few minutes to review our event specialists portfolios and browse our website to see what our clients say about us and our services.

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