Beaver Brook in Annadale, NJ – Wedding Celebration for Amanda & Todd

Love is a wonderful gift shared by two blessed souls experiencing Heaven and Earth. 


Amanda and Todd were wed on September 19, 2015. This day will hold a significant weight in their future together. When they look back, September 19 will be remembered as the day they began a new journey together. What a day it was! The weather couldn’t be more perfect and the atmosphere more electric. Happiness filled every heart that attended Amanda and Todd’s special day. Amanda was ready to marry the man of his dreams and Todd was ready to take his beautiful wife by the hand, look her in the eyes, and vow to be her biggest supporter. Their gift to each other was their heart and soul and it was clear to everyone who witnessed it that they were ready to take this new journey on together.
Amanda prepared for her big day with all of her bridesmaids. As she fit into her beautiful white gown, her husband to be was preparing with his groomsmen. Amanda looked gorgeous and Todd looked sharper than ever. They chose to perform a ‘first-look’ experience where our amazing photographers would capture the intimate moment of them seeing each other for the first time. With Todd’s back facing her, Amanda approached him with excitement glaring in her eyes. Todd was anxious to see his beautiful bride. Amanda reached for his shoulder and as Todd turned around, a large smile filled his face. It was a beautiful moment that we were able to capture for Amanda and Todd.
Amanda and Todd’s guests gathered at Beaver Brook in Annadale, NJ. The ceremony was ready to take place. Their guests were seated and ready for our bride to walk down the aisle. Todd awaited at the top of the aisle, and as Amanda approached, everyone couldn’t take their eyes of our newlyweds. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Amanda and Todd claimed their vows to each other and said their ‘I-Do’s.’ Their guests roared in applause and their walked down the aisle together as husband and wife.
It was party time! After a long day of preparation and ceremonies, it was finally time to celebrate! Ultimate Party Central was ready to rock out with all of Amanda and Todd’s guests! Our newlyweds came into the room with their arms in the air and dancing to the center of the dance floor where they had their first dance as husband and wife. The party was filled with non-stop music and energy. Amanda and Todd had customized sunglasses that they were wearing on the dance floor. The lights, music and guests were moving all night and it was an amazing reception. We’d like to congratulate Amanda and Todd and thank them again for choosing Ultimate Party Central for their special day!


Ultimate Party Central 

UPC Staff: DJ Anthony, MC Mike D, Director of Photography Tara, Photographer Frank, and  Videographer Kurt.

Production Elements: 2 wirelessly controlled intelligent lighting fixtures
on uplit totem poles, DMX’d controlled wireless uplighting and a Uplit DJ Booth
Sound for Ceremony and Cocktail w/ Wireless Mic

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