Branches Catering in West Long Branch, NJ – Wedding Celebration for Kali and Vincent

On July 26, 2015, two lives were to be bound together by holy matrimony.


Kali and Vincent were ready to take the next step in their journey through life together. Kali and Vincent had been looking forward to this day for months, and after all of the planning, they were ready to say “I-Do.”


Kali and Vincents guests gathered at the beautiful Branches Catering in West Long Branc, NJ. It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding. The weather was perfect and everyone, including our bride and groom, could feel the love in the atmosphere. The ceremony was set and ready to take place. Kali was wearing her beautiful white gown proudly as she was ready to approach the man of her dreams. Vincent awaited at the end of the aisle wearing his unique grey and white tuxedo as excitement overwhelmed him. As Kali made her way down the aisle, a smile filled her face from ear to ear. They expressed their love during the ceremony and vowed that they would be faithful to one another forever. After their officiant announced the new husband and wife, the congregation roared in applause. Everyone was so happy for Kali and Vincent as they shared a natural and beautiful bondage that was clear to everyone who witnessed it.
For the next hour, Kali and Vincent’s guests enjoyed fantastic cocktail servings while listening to a mixture of music provided by Ultimate Party Central. The hour went quickly while everyone was anxious to party the night away. Kali and Vincent entered the room and took the center of the dance floor for their first dance. Their song choice was a perfect description of their feelings on their wedding day as they stared into each others eyes with love. Now, it was time to really party.
The Ultimate Party Central staff consisted of DJ Nikki K and MC Mike D. Nikki K took over with an astounding choice of music that kept everyone dancing all night. Mike D had engaged the crowd and led the entire night flawlessly to ensure the best entertainment possible. During all of the most intimate parts of the night, our Director of Photography Tara and Videographer Kurt got all of the best shots to solidify memories that will last a lifetime for Kali and Vincent.
Nobody wanted to stop the party, but unfortunately it had to come to an end. However, it is safe to say that this is just the beginning for the beautiful couple of Kali and Vincent. We are so glad they had a great experience with Ultimate Party Central and we wish them nothing but the best! Congratulations and good luck!

Ultimate Party Central

UPC Staff: DJ Nikki K, MC Mike D, Director Of Photography Tara & Videography Kurt

Production Elements: 4 wirelessly controlled intelligent lighting fixtures
on uplit totem poles, 2 LED TV Production Package, DMX’d controlled wireless uplighting and a Uplit DJ Booth
Sound for Cocktail and Ceremony

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