Boudoir Photography – A Fun Pampered Photo Experience

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Valentine Day is near & you haven’t any idea of what to get your Loved one!

Boudoir Photography - A Fun Pampered Photo Experience 1What if your engaged and wondering what gift to buy your fiance on Valentine’s Day? You can’t just give a $25 box of chocolates, a simple greeting card and a bouquets of roses to the person you’re going to marry. Make every penny count. Here is a pre-wedding related gift idea that is sure to please.

Give your “Sweetheart” something for his (or her) eyes only with Boudoir Photography
You’re going to have lots of photographs of you in your wedding dress, but did you ever think of posing without your wedding dress? One of the sexiest latest trends in wedding photography is Boudoir Photography. Glamorously tasteful & yet Sexy! Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. Many photographers offer this service, helping you to be relaxed as you get beautifully captured in lingerie.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Photographer Male or Female?
That is totally up to you as we have both genders of photographers that have an artful, sensual spirit.

Will you help me with the posing? I’m not a model.
You do not need modeling experience to look fine & sexy. We will coach you on how to pose and look best for the camera. We also have plenty of ideas!
So be prepared to have some fun!

Can I bring a friend?
Please do! We highly encourage bringing a friend to your shoot.

How do I know my pictures remain private?
Upon completion of your session, we will sign a binding discretionary statement that guarantees your images remain for your eyes only.

So what does this service cost?
Pricing starts at $350. For full pricing info or to schedule a session fill out our Free Consultation Form.

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