Hottest Photo Booth Trends of 2019

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Hottest Photo Booth Trends of 2019


The photo booth has become a staple of almost every wedding. The classic photo booth is still a hot trend to have at your event, however industry leaders are coming out with fresh, great new ideas that will have your guests amazed!  Below are the hottest photo booth trends of 2018

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Boomerang and Gif Booths 

All the fun of those Instagram videos everyone is posting, expect now you can have them at your wedding.  This booth is a lot of fun for your guests.  They still get the normal experience of having a photo booth print out but now guests can text or email a copy their video to have forever.

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Glam Booth 

Have you seen the photo booth style that the Kardashian’s use at all their events?  Well now you have this same “glam” effect at your party as well.  These perfect images will have you magazine cover ready in an instant for you to share with the world!

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Creative Filters

  • Adding unique and creative filters is definitely one way to stand out from the crowd.  You can take the ordinary and make it extra ordinary with something people have never seen before.

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Looking for more of our photo booth offerings:

Fun, Affordable, Unforgettable!

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