Liberty State Park Jersey City Engagement Sessions

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Liberty State Park Engagement Photography

Modern & Creative Engagement Photography Session Back to Back

In the past 2 weeks Ultimate Party Central owners Husband and Wife Tara + Nikki K teamed up on two different photo engagement sessions both located at the Liberty State Park, Jersey City NJ  back to back weekends.

Lets take a dive into Gina + Joe engagement photo session. Tara met the couple back on February 24, 2012 and they decided to obtain UPC’s photography services, Tara gave the engaged couple a few locations to pick from and Gina + Joe’s first pick was Weehawken, NJ because they wanted the manhattan background. However, Tara suggested on changing locations to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ due to all the history and scenic areas at the park and with still being able to get the gorgeous Manhattan landscape, the minute Joe + Gina arrived at the location they were so happy we suggested on changing the location.  Lucky enough it didn’t rain but on the other hand it was a extremely hot day. Gina + Joe definitely win the award for best dressed for an engagement shoot this year. They had matching bright yellow outfits,  but Joe took it to another level; he was colored coordinated down to his socks – gray and yellow patterns a perfect match, but it didn’t stop there. The 2 dogs were also outfitted and they looked adorable. The photo shoot was so much fun Nikki K indicated that “even though it was an extremely hot day well over 90 degrees it didn’t even phase me one bit because Gina + Joe was a delight to work with”.

Moving on to Kathy & Jonathan; they also picked the manhattan background, not only is the city skyline magnificent but Jonathan also works in the city so he felt that it would be just right. Jonathan is part of the union he works on elevators so one can say he is not scared of heights.  But on the contrary it’s funny to know that he didn’t feel safe siting on the top of the bench, but that is where Kathy comes in and saves the day. She is fearless and was willing to do anything you asked her to do and got her fiance to join in on all the fun that we were having that day.  Jonathan and Nikki K got along very well and shared some insightful information together about each others profession and how the engaged couple met. It just shows that Ultimate Party Central owners are down to earth and love to get to know their clients in order to provide them with services and products that are unmatched anywhere else.

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Back to Back Take a look at the photos taken at Liberty State Park from both engagements sessions:

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