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 True Stories from Real-life Brides & Grooms

First off, let’s hear from a two couples who picked their DJs without having the knowledge contained in this report. These are true DJ horror stories from the New Jersey-area newlyweds.

  • David & Christina , had their wedding reception at Bridgewater Manor on October 15, 2011. “We gave our DJ a $500.00 deposit over a year before our wedding,” says David who after a long engagement to Christina had their wedding reception at Bridgewater Manor. “About a month before our wedding we sent out another deposit and than not even 2 weeks before our wedding I decided to call the number on the contract and it was disconnected! It was so stressful trying to find a DJ less than 2 weeks before our wedding. We still don’t know what happened to him, or our deposit.”
    Ultimate Party Central very own Stevie D stepped up to the plate and  — well Let’s see what happen and what the Bride and Guests had to say!

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  • Dana and Justin, had their wedding reception at Pines Manor October 29, 2011. They thought they hired a DJ company that fit there needs and wants. What they got was disappointment. “We hired Prime Time for our entertainment and they never picked up the phones and as time was getting closer to my event my nerves were getting the best of me making this wedding planning process a horrific experience, especially when I found out that they went out of business. I decided that I need a reputable company that is known within the industry and can turn around my fears into a fun filled experience. That’s when I hire Ultimate Party Central and they delivered in all aspects.”
    ( Here is an Email that was sent to Ultimate Party Central) ” I just wanted to say that Nick and Rob were amazing! And we received so many compliments about how great they were! I am so glad that we found you guys and you came through BIG TIME! I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family! We had an amazing wedding!!!Furthermore here is  the review posting that could be also found under Ultimate Party Central’s Wedding Wire  profile – another 5 star rating for UPC: Rob and Nick were amazing!!!!! we had contracted with them last minute when our other DJ went out of business over night! And UPC was just what we wanted for our wedding! They were professional and they played music that kept us and our guests on the dance floor all night!! it was sad to see the wedding end! they were so much fun!!!! You need to book them ASAP! you wont regret it!!!! Nick is fabulous and Rob is such a fun MC!!!!

Unfortunately, there are as many DJ horror stories as there are DJs to choose from:

To help you in finding the right DJ for your wedding, here is a list of questions you should ask to ensure you are dealing with a professional who can get the job done right.

Questions to Ask when interviewing a DJ (and the right answers!)

  • How long have you been in business? ( At LEAST 7 years! )
  • How many DJs do you employ? ( Make sure there is enough to guarantee a DJ is on-call.)
  • How many weddings has my DJ performed at? ( Minimum of 100. )
  • Does the DJ work with the photographers and banquet managers? ( Yes. )
  • Are we allowed to submit our own music list and will you play it? ( Yes, Yes, Yes.)
  • What attire will you wear to the wedding? ( A tuxedo. )
  • How big is your music collection? (At least 20,000 songs. )
  • What type of sound system do you use? How old is it? (Newer, professional-grade gear. )
  • Is there someone to replace the DJ in case of emergency? ( Yes. He will be prepared and standing by. )
  • Will you bring back-up gear to the reception hall? ( Absolutely. )
  • How long in advance does the DJ arrive to the reception hall? ( a minimum of 1 ½ hours. )
  • Are you insured? (Do not hire a company that doesn’t have at least $1,000,000 of coverage.)
  • Will we receive a personal consultation with our DJ prior to the wedding date ? ( Yes. )
  • Can I have the number for the wedding you did on xx/xx/xxxx date? I’d like to call them for a reference. ( No problem. )
  • Do you require a security deposit? How much? ( Usually about one third of the contracted price.)
  • Do you accept major credit cards? ( Yes. This signals a professional & reputable company. )
  • How much do you cost? ( Stay away from “bargain” DJs!) ex. below
    • How many hours does that include? (As many as you need.)
    • How much for each additional hour? ( As long as it takes.)
    • Does that include all the gear, such as lights and equipment? (Everything is included.)

Your wedding doesn’t have to be a disaster. You can find quality entertainment and have the night of your dreams…IF you know what to look for.

Contact us at 888-858-0008 or email us to start planning your wedding reception.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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