Pier Village Long Branch NJ Wedding Engagement Photography

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Engagement Session Location – Pier Village Long Branch NJ

Although meaningful settings are always good—don’t be afraid to think outside the box. I love shooting in places that have interesting elements, color and textures: places like the jersey shore, an industrial area, a carnival, a train station, a park or an open field. Make sure it’s a location that suits your style and personalities.

Today’s engagement session location is the Pier Village in Long Branch NJ. Pier Village features dramatic  articular display such as mini-city of pastel-colored, four-story buildings reminiscent of Dutch canal houses that creates a colorful ambiance in your photos. A fun and exciting area with not only a beach but a grassy public area called Festival Plaza. Festival Plaza is where regular events, including concerts, arts & crafts fairs, outdoor movies and holiday events take place.

Peir Village  was originally known as Long Branch Pier and Kid’s World was the amusement park.  On June 8, 1987 all came to an end from a rapid spreading fire cause by an electrical and gas box  underneath the boardwalk. Fast forwarding to 2007  Based on njmonthly – Travel and Leisure named Long Branch one of the twenty best beaches in the country for its shops, restaurants, and bars, making this town one of New Jersey’s hottest Shore destinations.

Now onto our engaged couple Leissy & Amir. They met seven years ago at Rhode Island College and now finally are engagement to be husband and wife. What I find interesting about this couple especially Amir is he was candid. The number one rule is to have fun with each other.  He had no fear in showing his affection towards Leissy. I am a true believer that an engagement sessions should really be seen as a fun day out with your loved one, except with a photographer that is there to capture the moment. It’s the candid moments that turn out the best.

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