Planning a Wedding (Part 1)


The Wedding Process: Tips in making your wedding planning a breeze

PART 1: The First Official Step – “Where Do I Begin”

The proposal is finished, the engagement party is finished, the congratulations and good luck wishes are finished, but now the planning begins!

To all the future brides and grooms, welcome to one of the most exciting parts to your wedding – the planning process.  From your venue, wedding dress and invitations all the way to your thank you cards, planning your wedding will be filled with excitement.  But like all other to-do-lists, there may come with some questions and stressful situations leading up to your big day.  One of the most stressful and detail oriented parts of planning for a wedding is finding the right vendors for your big day.  Finding the right vendors is crucial because you’re not just paying for a service that is minimal; your vendors should build a relationship with you and your fiance from the time you decide to sign a contract with them all the way until the end of your wedding.

At Ultimate Party Central, we want you to understand that we are not only industry leaders in our field of work, but also in our customer to employee relationships.  Therefore, to show you that we are only interested in your well being for you wedding, we decided to create this new monthly blog of wedding tips, tricks, and secrets to making your wedding planning a breeze! Don’t ever worry about your wedding day, because it’s going to be the best day of your life that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Today, we want to talk to you about your planning process in general.  The best thing to do when you begin planning a wedding is to create a timeline from the time you begin all the way to the day of your wedding.  Sit down with your fiancé and plan out what you would like to accomplish together every month. Allowing yourself to write down what you expect to have done by a certain time will not only push you to accomplish your goals, but also keep you organized throughout the planning process. With so many things to do, you DO NOT want to mentally arrange everything because it can cause confusion!  Start with the amount of months left before your wedding day.  Take the most important things you want to accomplish and start by getting that checked off your list first – it’s the most exciting thing you want to start with and you’ll be more inclined to get it done.  Once you have determined the order you want to start getting things checked off, get to work! Be sure to ask questions about EVERYTHING, there is nothing wrong with obtaining information about all of the services you are interested in.

Don’t forget, this is YOUR wedding day, there should be nothing holding you back by receiving what you dream of.  Regardless of expense, there is always something that you want that should be present at your wedding – SO GO GET IT!  Instead of looking at the initial price, ask yourself how badly you want that at your wedding, is it expendable?  If not, go for it!  If so, see if there is something that vendor can offer that may satisfy your wants with your needs – never be afraid to negotiate because negotiation will always lead to you being happy!

Finally, to finish off this blog post, we want to remind you that you are planning this together – this is the first official step that you will make as a new family.  Take into consideration what you fiance thinks, cater to each other’s wants and be sure to stay excited throughout the entire planning process.  We know it can sometimes be daunting, but remember what you’re planning for, remember who you’re planning for, and remember what the end result is going to look like! So enjoy your first steps and get ready to say “I-Do!”

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