Planning a Wedding (Part 2)

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! To all of the brides and grooms-to-be, I hope you took some of the advice we gave you in the first installment of the “Wedding Planning Process” blog and put it to good use! Like we said earlier, now that congratulation stage is over, it’s time to start planning your wedding. Let’s say that you took our advice and created a list of what you want to accomplish in the timeframe you made, you’re all done right? You’re ready to plan! – WRONG.
If there are any ladies reading this blog right now, I’m sure you can agree that your wedding is going to experience a lot of opinions and compromises between your family and friends. Although it is your wedding, people are going to shoot ideas at you on a nearly 24 hour basis. So here is our advice for this blog:


Number 1: Think Of Your Fiance!

Now let’s think logically for a minute. You’ve already chosen the most important person that is part of your wedding – you’re fiance. They are going to be your #1 committed partner in this planning process, so be sure to be on the same page as much as possible! Think of your ideas while planning and be sure to discuss them with one another. You are going to be together forever and forever has already started; so make sure that every decision you make comes from a mutual agreement and understanding of one another – that means compromising, understanding and some negotiating will have to be done, but ultimately, you two will accomplish all of the things that you want for your wedding.

Number 2: Professionals Needed?

It’s amazing how often we have the question, “Do I need to hire an event planner?” Unfortunately, this is an answer we cannot give a direct answer to. It’s not because we don;t know about the production of party planners, it’s because we don’t know enough about your personal life to make a decision for you. For example, we don’t know what you work schedule is like or if you have other obligations on a weekly basis that may take up too much of your time to plan or manage your budget. A professional (and we stress professional) event planner has several jobs; some of which include the following:
Managing your budget
Contacting and booking vendors
Constantly updating you on your progress
among other necessities.

Our finally answer comes down to a very simple question you need to answer for yourself: What is more valuable to you – Your time or your money. Don’t forget, a event planner will cost money and will tie into your budget cost, but if you don’t have a lot of time to plan for your wedding due to other obligations, then you will see that you will have no problem paying for an event planner. The opposite works as well, if you have enough time, you should be able to maintain your budget personally and get everything you need to get done.

Number 3: Wisdom from Experience

Do you have a bridesmaid, groomsman or a immediate family member who is recently married? Did you attend their wedding? Was there anything that you enjoyed or wanted to replicate from their wedding to your wedding? If you have said yes to all of those questions, then pick up the phone and give them a call immediately! Do not feel awkward or hesitate on asking questions about vendors or services that they used because it will only delay your planning process.

Maybe they can tell you about a company they used that provided them with several services (Visit UltimatePartyCentral.Com). Their wisdom is recent and therefore is beyond valuable when it comes to helping maintain your budget. They can tell you all you need to know, just make sure you bring a pen and paper!

Number 4: We Are Family

Parents, Older Siblings, Cousins, Grandparents – no matter how far in the past they got married, they still provide you some insight. Maybe they can tell you what cost the most at their wedding and what they took out of it! Ask them what they kept from their wedding (e.g. Invitations, wedding photos, videos, thank you cards) because that may play out to be something that is just as important to you. Be creative in your questions because a lot of these new features may not have been available to them, so be sure to know what questions you want to ask.

Overall, be honest with yourselves. You’re surrounded by loved ones who are going to want what’s best for you – but don’t forget that it’s YOUR DAY! Take into consideration other people’s views, but never compromise what you and your fiance truly feel is the most important things that will take part in your wedding!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s blog post! Be sure to check out the rest of the upcoming Wedding Planning Blogs every month! Enjoy and keep planning!

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