Planning a Wedding (Part 4)

Wedding Planning Part 4

Choosing The Right Vendors

Yep. It’s here. Possibly the hardest article to write about. How do you choose the right service vendors for your wedding? Who are the greatest companies that provide the most high end services in the market? Who is going to leave you with empty promises? Is your head spinning yet? If yours isn’t, then you most likely found the perfect people to service your wedding; but for those who are thinking about opening a bottle of whine just by reading this first paragraph, let us ease you into this conversation – it’s not as hard as you may think.

The good news is you already know what’s best for you – and in case you’re convincing yourself otherwise, look at the person you chose to marry and remind yourself that you already made the best decision of your life. Choosing service vendors may seem to be stressful, but it should be quite the opposite. Now, we are slightly bias on this topic of conversation because we are an active service provider for weddings all over the tri-state area and we pride ourselves as being listed as one of the top service providers in NY & NJ. Therefore, we are going to describe the necessary values each service provider needs to have in order to earn your business. These aren’t exact necessities that you need to list, but rather character traits that they should portray while speaking about their business! Be sure to highlight each of these characteristics and look for them throughout your planing process!

I’m Always Smiling

Yes, you read that correctly. Be sure that whoever you’re speaking to is always smiling. “Why is this important” you may ask; the answer is simple – you were smiling when you said yes, you were smiling when you chose your date, you were smiling when you had your list completed of bridesmaids and groomsmen – so why shouldn’t you have someone smiling with you to discuss the service you need. Imagine, if you will, walking into an office to meet someone for the first time and you feel as if the consultation is strictly business with no application of excitement or fun involved; would you want that person to supply their services for the most exciting day of your life? Please don’t mistake this critique as a sign of someone who is all fun and games, business is needed to deal with all of your service providers, but if their personality is uplifting to you and your fiancé, don’t expect them to miraculously show that on the day of your wedding.

Any consultation should be filled with joy, laughter and a common understanding of the important your wedding is to you. Business will take care of itself if the fit is right. You have to make sure that you’re on the same page in regards to the view of your wedding and that usually comes with a comfortable and fun atmosphere. The more comfortable your vendor makes you, the better relationship you will build.

Money Ain’t A Problem

Yes, I quoted Puff Daddy, but I guarantee you’ll agree after reading this paragraph.
In recent chapters, we discussed finances and planning the budget for your wedding. When you are looking for vendors, be sure to look for the ones that are in your price range. There are countless tools that you may use to find out the pricing averages of your vendors. If you come to terms with the average price of every vendor needed, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for.
(For Example: If you planned on having a budget of $2,000 for centerpieces, you will be able to find out which centerpiece decor companies are going to be in play for your wedding. )
Once you’ve discussed the budgeting plan, look for the vendors that are in play with your budget and then figure out which personality characteristics match yours! Are they fun? Are they interactive? Are they responsive to your questions? Courteous? Etc. The truth is, your budget isn’t the REAL reason why you choose a vendor – it’s their professionalism and courtesy that will ultimately determine you would like their services. Don’t make a decision strictly due to financials – make the decision when you feel that it’s a perfect match!

Who Came First: The Bride Or The Vendor?
Want a quick answer? THE BRIDE.

Need I remind you that the vendor is servicing for YOUR wedding? Although you are seeking out the perfect vendor, make no mistake about it – without you, they have no business. You should have everything done the way you want it, but just be sure to give the Vendor and opportunity to understand your vision. They are providing a service and should do everything within their means of making your dream wedding come true. Simple, effective and to the point – can they get it done? Can they solve the problem you have? If they can’t, then maybe they are not the vendor for you. Pick their brains and find out if their experience has led them to accomplish what you’re asking for in the past. This will save you a lot of time in determining who the best fit for you is.

4. Reviews Vs Referrals

This is an interesting topic because both are extremely important. Referrals are ultimately the best in regards to choosing a vendor because they serviced someone you know in the past who was extremely happy with their service. However, you still need to visit that vendor to make sure they are the right fit for you! An online review is very important to read. Just like if you were shopping for vacations, you would like to see how the majority of previous clients felt about the services of their vendors. Don’t just look for good and bad, look for the compliments and the complaints. Sometimes, a complaint is based on something small that maybe you have no problem with whatsoever, but sometimes it can also be the determining factor of why you choose not to go with that company. Be critical, yet fair. Once you know where you’re going, the path opens itself to you and your fiance and soon you two will see a full list of vendors booked and ready to go for your wedding!

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