Sandy Hook NJ Beach Engagement Photo Session

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Sandy Hook NJ Beach Engagement Photo Session 1Sandy Hook the NJ Beach, Sand, Sun & Fun. UPC proudly presents Jennifer + Kevin’s engagement photo session montage. Being that it was Tara & my first time in Sandy Hook it was a treat that Jennifer + Kevin knew how to get around the “Hook” and especially the location of where they wanted to take their pictures. It was like a mini vacation, too bad it lasted only 2 hours or so ” none of us were ever looking at the time but instead we were impressed of how many creative images we can create, as I wish we had more time to spend with Jennifer + Kevin but the sun was rapidly setting. Never the less this was truly an awesome adventure for all of us. Jennifer + Kevin’s beautiful wedding is just around the corner in September at Perona Farms Andover NJ. Ultimate Party Central, UPC’s very own Nikki K will be providing mutli-media plasma screens, ambient led uplighting room decor, custom monograms and all will captured by Kevin one of our lead videographers and Tara as their primary photographer. Stay tuned as we already started to plan an amazing event for all eyes to see. Thank you Jennifer + Kevin for trusting us in creating a celebration that will never be forgotten through the photos, videos and entertainment as we are bound to have a fabulous time, we are excited more now than ever before after getting to know more about you and seeing the contagious love between you two.

A small factiod about Sandy Hook
Originally discovered by the famous Sea Captain Henry Hudson in the early 1600’s,  1,665-acre barrier peninsula within view of the Manhattan skyline.  The Highlands located on the hill across the bay is the highest point on the entire eastern seaboard. The main historic site in Highlands is the Twin Lighthouses. The Twin Lights was the first twin lighthouse ever built, the first to use kerosene and the first to use electricity. Sandy hook beaches along the Atlantic shore are  North Beach, Gunnison Beach and South Beach and you can even dine at Sea Gulls’ Nest Deck Restaurant.
“information was gathered from : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook

Sandy Hook is minutes away from some prestigious convenient reception halls including Ocean Place, Branches, Merrimaker’s Water’s Edge, The Driftwood, Windows on the Water, Springlake Manor, Waterview Pavilion, and The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor.


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