The Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ – Wedding Celebration for Jonathan and Lacey

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On October 4, 2015, two lives were to be bound together by holy matrimony. 


Jonathan and Lacey were ready to take the next step in their journey through life together.  Jonathan and Lacey had been looking forward to this day for months, and after all of the planning, they were ready to say “I-Do.”

Lacey and Jonathan’s guests gathered at the beautiful Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ.  The ceremony was set and ready to take place.  Lacey was wearing her beautiful white gown proudly as she was ready to approach the man of her dreams on the other side of the aisle.  Jonathan awaited at the end of the aisle wearing his black tuxedo as excitement overwhelmed him. Lacey was escorted by her parents down the aisle as a smile filled her face from ear to ear.  They expressed their love during the ceremony and vowed that they would be faithful to one another forever.  After their officiant announced the new Mr. and Mrs. Janowski, Jonathan and Lacey lifter their arms in the air in triumph.

For the next hour, Jonathan and Lacey’s guests enjoyed fantastic cocktail servings while listening to a mixture of music provided by Ultimate Party Central.  The hour went quickly while everyone was anxious to party the night away. Jonathan and Lacey entered the room and took the center of the dance floor for their first dance.  Their song choice was a perfect description of their feelings on their wedding day – Overjoyed by the timeless Stevie Wonder.  Their guests roared in applause after their first dance. Lacey danced with her father to Over The Rainbow and Jonathan’s mother Debbie had a special surprise for her dance with her son; she had recorded her singing the ballad of “If I Could” for her and Jonathan’s first dance.

After all of the formalities, it was time to party! As the sun went down, the guests became more energized.  The dance floor was packed all night and it was a great reception for Jonathan and Lacey.  They ended the reception with a beautiful sparkler lighting outside on the patio.  October 4, 2015 was a day to remember and we want to thank Jonathan and Lacey for choosing Ultimate Party Central to help celebrate their big day! Congratulations and good luck!
Below are images taken from Wedding Wire and the Knot review posted by Lacy and Jon:
Review of Ultimate Party Central at The Liberty House Jersey City NJ
Review of Ultimate Party Central at The Liberty House Jersey City NJ
Ultimate Party Central NJ Best Wedding DJs Review Jersey City Liberty House
Ultimate Party Central NJ Best Wedding DJs Review Jersey City Liberty House

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