Tips To Find The Right NJ Wedding DJs, NJ Wedding Photographers & NJ Wedding Videographer

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Tips to help you find the right:
NJ Wedding DJs, NJ Wedding Photographers & NJ Wedding Videographers

There are numerous NJ wedding DJs who would vie for your contract. How do you choose one that would make all the difference to your event? Likewise, there are innumerable NJ wedding photographers and you have to choose only one. Right from your NJ wedding videographer to the DJ, everyone has an integral role in the grandest of all events in a couple’s life and no family, bride or groom can’t afford to make a wrong choice. In here, we talk about the factors or the attributes of the NJ wedding DJs, NJ wedding photographers or an NJ wedding videographer that shall be decisive in making a choice.

Wedding TipsPortfolio

You may or may not be an expert on music and sound mixing or photography and thus it is not always wise to look at the technical attributes of NJ wedding DJs, NJ wedding photographers & NJ wedding videographer.

What you should look at is the portfolio. All these professionals would have a portfolio on display, on their website, social media and social network profiles and if you just send them an email then they would be willing to send as many examples of past work as you want. You should thoroughly explore their portfolio, watch out for elements of sound tracks, images or videos that you and your partner and family would like. You should look for aesthetic brilliance, how unique their compositions, albums or videos are and whether they can enhance the ambience and experience of the wedding.

You can start your search from anywhere, a quick online search or a quick glimpse into the local business directories, references from friends or some research on social networks and social media, but once you have a shortlist of potential candidates, you must wait till some NJ wedding DJs, NJ wedding photographers & NJ wedding videographer creates an indelible impression on you.


NJ wedding DJs, NJ wedding photographers & NJ wedding videographer would need their own infrastructure. Apart from the DJ consoles, the CDs, the camera, lights, tripods and lenses respectively, they also need to have props, some décor items to pep things up and they should have the ability to go for outdoor parties or shoots, theme shoots or anything personalized that you desire.

Creativity & Artistry

You should look for NJ wedding DJs, NJ wedding photographers & NJ wedding videographer who are creative and have an artistic bend. You certainly wouldn’t want your wedding music, wedding album or the wedding video to be a run off the mill experience.


An Alternative to Web Surfing

Attending a bridal show can be very helpful in planning your wedding. You can meet and speak directly with many wedding professionals – all in one location! It can be a really enjoyable day for you and your wedding party, mother, and/or groom-to-be. This is one of the fastest ways to gather information and compare prices and even book your date immediately. Most bridal shows offer prizes and individual vendors may also through in some encompassing give away prizes. We encourage our new brides to come to our booth to see the latest trends and get great new ideas in making one of the most important celebration, “the one to be always remembered.”

Bridal Show Schedule

Sun. Jan. 4, 2015 @ 1 pm NJ Bridal Convention NJ Expo Center Edison
Sun. Jan. 11, 2015 @ 1 pm College of Staten Island
Sunday Feb. 22, 2015 @ 1 pm Monmouth University, West Long Branch


“Get to know who we are and what makes us unique to the industry and highly sought out by NJ brides and grooms”

We Specialize in Quality Not Quantity

We only do a hand full of Bridal Shows a year to ensure that our Quality of Service is simply second to none. We give each and every client the guidance they need with our tools, techniques and knowledge to a successful wedding.

We are one of the very few company’s in the entire NJ area that are ran by husband and wife team with a strong passion for the art and work/service we provide for our clients.

Nikki K specializes in wedding dj entertainment, production enhancements and photo booth while the Tara K is a true wedding event photographer and over sees the videographer department.  Take a few minutes and view our portfolios and get to learn more about our events specialists.


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