UPC – Expands Once Again!

It’s official! We’re moved in!

Ultimate Party Central
400 Belchase Dr. Suite 402, Matawan, NJ 08857

Ultimate Party Central is expanding once again and we are proud to announce that we have moved to our new location to accommodate our cliental!  After months of searching we finally found the perfect office space!  No matter what type of party your are planning, our new office helps accommodate your planning experience.  The comfortability and futuristic design signifies the professionalism that UPC strives to uphold.

As soon as you step into our new office, you will be greeted by our personalized VIP lounge waiting room.  While our team of professional consultants prepare the paperwork to discuss your event, you can sit and relax on our new lounge sofas.  Your eyes will immediately be fixated on our 75” LED TV where you’ll get to see some raw video footage of previous jobs.  Thirsty?  Not a problem!  You can help yourself to coffee and other beverages located at our dining counter.  We have a fully stocked refrigerator to help quench your thirst!

Once our professionals are ready to speak with you privately, they will collect you and bring you into their assigned office! As opposed to our previous office space, we have a total of three meeting rooms where you can sit with our service professionals to talk about your wants and needs for your special event!  Each office is fully enclosed so you can enjoy the privacy between you and our team.  Each room is equipped with a LED TV so we can project any photos, videos, or search engines right in front of you!  Have an idea and can’t explain it well?  Let us look it up!  This allows us to visually understand what you are talking about as well as showing you the high quality work we provide!

At Ultimate Party Central, we are all about professionalism.  Allowing our guests to see how we operate is one of the ways that we can make you feel comfortable about choosing our services.  All of our staff members work in office to plan and fulfill your needs for your event!  From DJ mixes, Photography designs and touch ups, video editing, etc. it’s all done in our office space!  Our fourth room is our production room!  This is where we focus on your party from start to finish! Music preparation, montage editing, paper work filing, DJ mixing, Video editing (and sometimes office goofing around =P) are all done in here!  We’re in the entertainment business, which means we bring the entertainment everywhere we go, including our office!

We know that once you step into our new office space, you’ll feel right at home.  Our professionals are charismatic, fun, and most importantly – reliable.  With years of experience, it should come no surprise that we want to show our guests exactly what they are looking for!  Still not too sure?  Come visit us!  We’d love to sit and chat with you!  Give us a call and schedule a free consultation and see for yourself!

See you soon!

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