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Everyone that we meet this Saturday will automatically get a FREE enhancement or a FREE engagement session.


Have an intimate experience when planning your wedding:

Get to meet our Events Specialists in each of the services we provide:
“This invitation is open to all” and RSVP is a must: We are serving food, drinks and a lot of fun. Come join us to know more about how we can create the wedding you deserve.

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RSVP is a must in order to be part of our private event. no admission fees, but a guaranteed informative unique fun experience.

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We want you to enjoy good company and feel relaxed when discussing your wedding. This is a once and a lifetime experience and we want you to know that no matter who you speak with, you are in the best hands in the industry. Eat, Drink, Laugh and enjoy great company at any one of our Wedding Galas. All you have to do is RSVP your date and requested time!


As you plan your wedding, you will encounter many decisions that will include comparing price for value. The truth is, anybody can show you a price sheet and tell you about how they can make your day the best day of your life. However, we at Ultimate Party Central pride ourselves in our dedication to our Bride and Grooms. We build our relationships with you so you know that you’re going to be in the best hands throughout the entire planning process. From the day you choose UPC all the way to your wedding day, expect nothing short of what you deserve. We have been awarded the most prestigious wedding awards in the industry and that is why are we want you to have the opportunity to begin that relationship with a one on one free consultation.

We’re having the Ultimate Wedding Gala which allows you and your beloved fiancé to meet some of the most experienced professionals in the wedding industry. Each one of our event planning professionals can help your dreams come true. Behind closed doors, you can rest assured that everything you want to discuss will be kept between you and your event planning professional. We are open to every request you have! Nothing is too big or to small and want to make every aspect of your wedding come to life! Nothing compares to a great relationship with a company that will do anything it can to make your day the best day of your life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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